Jason Momoa undressed on a TV show, delighting fans with his fit body!

 Jason Momoa undressed on a TV show, delighting fans with his fit body!

Jason Momoa was a guest of the evening show. The American actor took off his pants during a TV show.

The lead actor in the movie “Aquamena” told Jimmy Kimmel about how he spent his childhood in Honolulu. The muscular handsome man arrived at the show in a luxurious way.

The husband of Lisa Bonet appeared in a satin purple shirt and pajama-cut trousers, a long pink coat with rhinestones and gold epaulettes, similar to hussars. The look was completed with sunglasses and leopard print moccasins. Pearl jewelry hung around the neck and arm of the actor. Jason tied his long hair into a ponytail.

The actor, who played in the series “Game of Thrones”, spoke about his new project “Warlord”. Momoa not only played the title role, but also became the writer and executive producer of the miniseries.

Jimmy Kimmel asked the actor in detail about the project. The presenter was also interested in what the Hawaiians wear. Then Jason got up from the couch and began to undress. The actor took off not only his shirt, but also his trousers.

Jason was wearing a loincloth that looked like a thong at the back. In front of the “dignity” of the actor covered a piece of cloth.

“This is the traditional malo (with the accent on the last syllable) worn by the Hawaiians. I’m getting used to the image as best I can! I wear this every day because I love getting ready for my role. And yes, my ass is on fire!” Momoa explained.

When Jimmy asked the actor if he was comfortable wearing this bandage, he answered in the affirmative. “I don’t want to wear clothes anymore. I’m so comfortable being unfettered, you can’t even imagine, ”Jason admitted.

Fans of the actor reacted violently to such a show, but were delighted with his body. “Incredible body at 43! You don’t need clothes with such a body!”, Fans wrote in the comments.


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