Jennifer Lopez shared photos with her mother!

 Jennifer Lopez shared photos with her mother!

At 50, Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez looks just fine, and all because she has good genes. Now look at her mom! The woman is already 74, and she looks amazing! Guadalupe – celebrity mother is a very beautiful, charming, smart and bright woman.

More than once, Jay Lo mentioned her in her interviews and said that she was very proud of her parent. At 74, Guadalupe “dances” with her daughter, goes to training, devotes time to her grandchildren and is in great shape.

The woman carefully monitors her diet, does not use food “garbage” and drinks a lot of water.

By the way, many are sure that Jennifer Lopez is a frequent guest in plastic surgery clinics. But the star claims that this is not so. As proof of this, she posted several photos without makeup and photoshop.

We can see that she still looks good, young and fresh. And all this thanks to the colossal work on yourself.



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