Jonathan, the oldest tortoise in the world is 190 years old

 Jonathan, the oldest tortoise in the world is 190 years old

Turtles are one of those amazing animals that can live for over a century. One tortoise that lived 190 years supposed to be the oldest tortoise in the world.

The turtle, named Jonathan, was recorded in the book of records in 2019. He was officially recognized as the longest-lived tortoise in the world by Guinness World Record.  At that time he was 187 years old, this year Jonathan has a new record of 190 years.

Later, Jonathan was accepted to be not only the oldest turtle, but also the “oldest chelonian”.  The latter includes all tortoises, turtles and terrapins.

He outlived Tu’I Malila, who was the previous record holder, living around 188 years. He died in 1965, giving up his place to Jonathan.

Perhaps Jonathan’ age is even over 190 years. In 1882, he was in Saint Helena, and at that time his age was estimated to be “fully mature”, which in its turn means that he was at least 50 years old. So we can conclude that the year of his birth was in the 1830s.

Can you imagine how much this turtle has seen in its life? When Jonathan was born, Andrew Jackson was the President of the United States. At the same time, Queen Victoria was at the head of England. Jonathan lived through the Civil War, both World Wars, and he was already quite old, 137 years old, when a human first got to the moon.

“Over the years, he watched one generation give way to another and continued to enjoy his life. How much could he tell us humans? If only he could speak? And he still resides on Saint Helena in the Governor’s territory. He is very kind, friendly and likes to communicate with people”, Teeny Lucy, the chairperson for the local SPCA, told The Dodo.

The veterinary service is closely monitoring his health. Though he is blind and does not smell, he is still in a good shape. Once a week he is given special food enriched with vitamins and microelements. Jonathan is fond of fruits and vegetables: apples, banana, cabbage and so on.

Despite his age, he is not indifferent toward female representatives.

Congratulations to Jonathan! Wish him many many happy years!


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