Kylie Jenner Responded To The Balenciaga Scandal

 Kylie Jenner Responded To The Balenciaga Scandal

Kylie Jenner has been hit by fans. The 25-year-old American model has been accused of diverting attention from the Balenciaga scandal.

Youngest daughter Kris Jenner finally showed a photo of her 9-month-old son. Kylie has released cute pictures with baby Webster, who is already confident on his feet.
Most fans were delighted with the tender shots. However, some found something wrong with Jenner’s actions. Haters noticed that the photo with the baby appeared immediately after a flurry of negativity hit Kim Kardashian in connection with the scandal with Balenciaga.

“Kris Jenner told the kids to post cute pictures so everyone would forget about the scandal with Kim”, “Showed her son to cover for her sister”, “Great distraction, Kylie”, “We are tired of you being silent all the time. Say at least something, ”users are indignant.
Jenner Jr. found something to answer. The mother of two children said that she was outraged by the claims that she had read in her address. “Why should I show my son to distract you? You people are weird. When I don’t show my kids, you don’t like it. When I post photos of them, you always find something to complain about. That’s why I choose not to show my family,” Kylie replied.

Kim Kardashian’s favorite brand has been in a major controversy since the latest ad campaign. The photo showed children surrounded by toys wearing BDSM bandages. The photoshoot caused a flurry of negative reactions, including toward Kim. Fans did not like the way she reacted to the scandal.

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