Look At Bradley Cooper’s Precious Daughter That Looks Exactly Like Her Mom

 Look At Bradley Cooper’s Precious Daughter That Looks Exactly Like Her Mom

Since David Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven has grown up, and this couple no longer indulges fans with joint shots, the title of “The cutest and most caring star dad” has rightfully passed to Bradley Cooper. The actor, well, just doesn’t have a soul in his daughter Leah, and now you yourself will see everything!

In March 2017, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper became parents for the first time, and in the summer of 2019, the couple announced their separation. The supermodel and the actor have agreed that they will keep a good relationship for the sake of Leia, who is loved more than anything in the world. And you know, they didn’t break their word. But most importantly, Bradley Cooper did not become a Sunday dad for the baby, but on the contrary – these two every day give street photographers (and at the same time us) a reason to wipe away a tear of tenderness!


  1. Immediately after the breakup, Bradley and Irina agreed on joint custody of their daughter, and Leah spends as much time with dad as with mom!
  2. Being a dad for the actor this time turned out to be not a role in the film, but his new role in life. And he’s doing great with it!
  3. Bradley Cooper walks with his daughter on the streets of New York so often that fans joke that Leia even grew up in front of street photographers!
  4. Take a ride with the baby down the hill? Sure, not a problem!
  5. Walking with dad is fun. Especially when you get to meet Hugh Jackman’s dog!
  6. But now we don’t even know what touches us more – Leia on a scooter or this cute girly accessory in the hands of an actor?
  7. And this is not a photo of dad and daughter in snowy New York, but like a frame from a movie!
  8. Visiting Santa. But Leia seems to have a completely different favorite character!
  9. They say that the baby is a daddy’s copy. What do you say?
  10. Irina Shayk very rarely comments on past relationships. But more recently, journalists managed to learn about the secret:

“Bradley is the most wonderful father! I never understood the term “joint custody”. When I’m with my daughter, I’m 100% mom, and when she’s with her dad, he’s 100% her dad!

  1. Did you know that Leya goes to a Russian-speaking school and studies there three times a week for half an hour?
  2. If necessary, then for a walk, dad will make his daughter the most beautiful hairstyle!
  3. Pandemic precautions taken!
  4. The most favorite place on Earth is to be in the arms of dad!
  5. So many magical things happen on the carousel!
  6. After breaking up with Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper left his home in Hollywood and moved to New York to be with his daughter every day!
  7. Are your eyes in a “wet place” now too?
  8. No star disease – if necessary, then Leah and dad go down to the subway!
  9. Famous parents talked about germs that can lie in wait on the street, so the baby knows that she must leave the house in a mask!
  10. During Halloween, Bradley Cooper and Leah touched passers-by on the streets of New York with images of Robin Williams from the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Well, now you’ve definitely seen everything!

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