Look at these pink Amazon River Dolphins! How marvelous they are!

 Look at these pink Amazon River Dolphins! How marvelous they are!

Imagine that you are sailing in a boat, the waves are pushing you, a gentle wind blows in your face and next to the boat, and pink dolphins swim out of the water and dive into the water again.

Sounds like a part of a fairy tale, doesn’t it?

However, this is not a fairy tale and not even an exaggeration! Pink dolphins really exist. They are slightly larger than ordinary dolphins: their length is about 2.5 meters and their weight is 180 kg.

These dolphins live in the rivers of South America and also in seasonal lakes.

These dolphins are unique not only because they are larger than other dolphins, and not even because they live in fresh waters, but they are unique because they are pink!

Surprisingly, they turn pink during their lifetime. They are light gray at birth and change color as they mature.

They are often not pure pink, but with gray spots.

Their color may change to pink when they are excited or due to the influence of sunlight.

The pink color also has a protective function. They merge with the environment and become less visible.

The Amazon sometimes turns pink or pale red, which creates favorable conditions for camouflage of male dolphins.

In 2018 International Protected Status was granted to Amazon pink Dolphins. Pink Dolphins are becoming quite famous nowadays, so many tourists come to admire them!

Another thing that makes this species unique is that instead of having a dorsal fin, they have a hump on their back instead.

How mysterious is the nature of our world is. The more we learn, the more we are surprised!

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