Look at this photogenic dog with a “boopable” nose

 Look at this photogenic dog with a “boopable” nose

The dog named Frank has a very unusual appearance. He has a “boopable” nose that captures beautifully in different shots. The Golden Retriever lives with his mother, Pree Das.

Frank has always been a photogenic puppy. He loves to pose for the camera and in every close-up photo, this bulging nose comes out.

“It all started about 4 months ago. My girlfriend and I were sitting and Frank came over and sat next to us. My friend decided to take a picture of the dog. The photo turned out to be something like this … We laughed for a long time how funny he turned out to be in the photo”, Das told the DoDo.

When photographing Frank, Das often puts a flower on the dog’s nose to make it more expressive in photographs. People who see Frank fall in love with his face at first sight. He is a very sweet and sociable dog.

Everyone who sees Frank’s photos gets a positive energy boost for the whole day.

The key to these successful photos is not only Das’s good skills, but also the dog’s dexterous ability to pose. Das does not photograph him with a professional camera, but with his iPhone.

Look what amazing photos they get.

“You haven’t met a dog more positive than Frank. He makes us happy every day. When he sees that we rejoice, he rejoices in return. He does not need delicious food for a successful day, only adventure and fun. This is such a funny dog!” Das shared with the DoDo.

How did you like Frank? He is wonderful, isn’t he?

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