Man Refuses To Take Money In Exchange For His Cat

 Man Refuses To Take Money In Exchange For His Cat

Lev’s cat is an ordinary black and white cat. In appearance – nothing special, on the street or in the village of such animals – thirteen to a dozen. But in fact, it is unique. Although it is believed that cats are not trainable and perform only those commands that they like, Lyova is the only one who can make the most trained of the shepherds blush with shame.

Where did the unique beast come from?
The current owner of Lyova, Kaliningrad pensioner Pyotr Petrovich Chursin, talks about his pet like this: once the grandson of Pyotr Petrovich (by the way – also Peter) served as a border guard on the Russian-Mongolian border. And shortly before the end of the service, he asked: they say, grandfather, do you mind if I bring a kitten with me? At first, the grandfather was surprised: “Petya, why do you need to spend money and drag the cat across all of Russia? I’ll catch a whole bag of them on the street for you!” But the grandson persisted: “No, grandfather, there are no such things anymore!”

And it’s true: the kitten – an “illegal migrant” (he was born in the territory of Mongolia) turned out to be unique. First, he was dragged to the outpost by his mother’s cat. All the rest of the kittens from the brood were drowned (alas, this barbaric method of population control is practiced even in Russian villages – otherwise they would simply be littered with cats), and the last one was carried away by the mother with her teeth by the collar to the adjacent territory along the rut from the dirt road. According to Peter Jr., the cat was very exhausted from the journey: she could not hunt, but fed the kitten and hissed furiously at people. After some time, the cat ate a little, recovered from the trip – and in the end, she ran home to the steppe yurt. But the kitten took root at the outpost, and the shift supervisor, the same Peter, the grandson of a Kaliningrad pensioner, became its owner.
Secondly, the cat turned out to be easily trained. Yes, indeed, a cat or a cat cannot be forced to do what he does not like: they are not flocking, but solitary predators, they usually do not have the innate discipline of dogs or wolves, forcing them to unquestioningly fulfill the requirements of the leader, which can become a human owner. But the specific cat Lyova turned out to be even very willing to do what the owner asks for. And now he demonstrates the miracles of training, which not every service dog can boast of.

What can a cat do?

Pyotr Petrovich took up training the cat when Leva was about six months old (you can’t determine for sure: half-wild steppe or village cats are not issued birth certificates). But as a result, Leva willingly performs 22 commands, 12 of which are related to sports training. Kitten:
Willingly follows Pyotr Petrovich on a leash, keeping exactly one step away from his leg.
Overcomes all sorts of barriers and obstacles.
On command, it jumps onto the owner’s knees or shoulder just when it is needed.
These are just some of the tricks Leva is capable of. At the same time, in the videos that have appeared on the Internet, he does not look at all like a slowed down and clogged biorobot – this is an ordinary cat, perhaps a little worried because a stranger with a camera is standing next to him. He wants to execute the command – and executes it.

Pyotr Petrovich says that Lyova has a phenomenal memory: it is enough to show him a trick once – and he begins to perform it more or less successfully, and the skill comes with training. Perhaps the cat could have been taught not 22, but 222 tricks – but the owner does not want to torment Lyova, whom he has long considered a member of his family. Churn considers his main success that he was able to find an individual approach to Lyova. “Love and patience are the main things. I found a kindred spirit, yes, Lyovochka? – says Pyotr Petrovich, and the cat rubs against his cheek with a purr.
“Cat! My kingdom for the cat!

A smart cat could not help but get on the cameras of smartphones, and from there to the Internet. As a result, since 2018, quite a lot of videos have been circulating on the network, where Lyova walks on a leash, jumps, and follows commands. It is no wonder that people became interested in a unique cat.
As Pyotr Petrovich says, he has already been offered a large amount (up to 450 thousand rubles) and a new car for a unique cat more than once. The owner refused and is going to refuse further. Love is not just a pet, she is a member of the family.


Even the collar on him is the altered beads of Chursin’s late wife: his wife, whose cat purred at her side shortly before her death, comforting her beloved mistress, herself asked for it. Pyotr Petrovich fulfilled her request.
Pyotr Petrovich categorically does not agree to sell the beast – they do not sell friends. But he is always happy with a creative union. He does not mind when Lyova is filmed or photographed and was glad when a sculptor from Svetlogorsk was going to sculpt a cat

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