Meet Finn, a unique dog that smells each flower he sees

 Meet Finn, a unique dog that smells each flower he sees

We all love spring, especially when the flowers are in bloom. How beautiful nature is during its awakening. Everyone loves to smell flowers, and a dog named Finn is especially versed in this matter.

The 2-year-old dog, being a cross between a Pikinese and a Brussels Griffon, is especially looking forward to the arrival of spring.

“When Finn was still a puppy, we noticed his love for flowers. My father had a zinnia garden and Finn couldn’t ignore the fragrant flowers. He never plucked or spoiled the flowers, he just smelled them”, Sarah Geers told the DoDo.

“He loves to smell flowers. And even if there are no blooming flowers in the yard, he will still find either in a vase or even artificial flowers. One day I noticed how he stood on a chair and crept up to a vase of flowers to smell them”, Geers told the DoDo.

Despite such a strong attachment to flowers, Finn also loves his family very much. He sleeps with his father under the same blanket, and during the day he likes to spend time with his mother.

“He often sleeps lying on my hip. Finn loves to visit crowded places, communicate with people and enjoys attention from them. We often visit Target, HomeGoods and Lowe’s together”, Geers told the DoDo.

Finn loves all flower plants, but pansies especially attract his attention. These bright flowers are not poisonous and taste good. They are said to be safe for dogs, although Finn hasn’t tasted the flowers yet, only their smell attracts him.

Dogs have a sense of smell that is 10,000 or even 100,000 times better than ours. It’s hard to imagine what scent Finn picks up from his flowers.

“Finn is a very positive dog. He makes us happy every day with his positive attitude. There was not a day when he did not wag his tail and infect us with his wonderful mood”, Geers shared his thoughts.

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