Meet The Valais Blacknose Sheep – the famous icons of Switzerland!

 Meet The Valais Blacknose Sheep – the famous icons of Switzerland!

The Valais Blacknose is probably the cutest breed of sheep that has a cute black muzzle and white wool. They look like fluffy beautiful clouds!

Thanks to their thick wool, they can withstand the extremely cold Swiss winters.

These black and white colored sheep originated in the 15th century from Valais, Canton region in Switzerland. And only in 1962 they were officially recognized as a separate breed.

These furry creatures have earned their reputation not only for their interesting coloration, but also for their friendly and outgoing nature unlike many other sheep breeds.

This type of sheep began to be bred due to their thick wool, interesting appearance and friendly temperament.

In Switzerland, people are very fond of these sheep. Many farmers breed these black-nosed cuties. Some even keep them as beloved pets.

And not only in Switzerland, in other parts of the world they are also considered to be pets. They are so cute.

In fact, they are quite popular all over the world. And the price of these sheep is not at all small.

Their faces, feet, knees and ears are black, while the rest of the body is white. Their fur is very thick and curly. In addition to everything, they have spiral horns.

Look how they demonstrate their horns while grazing.

The black-nosed sheep population declined sharply in the 20th century. An increase in the number of sheep was registered only about 40 years ago in Switzerland.

They are officially recognized as a rare breed of sheep, as their population worldwide is 19,000 individuals.

Farmers and fans of these curly creatures organize various shows and competitions. Therefore, they can be found in different parts of the world.

For example, in the USA they are in great demand, since there are no purebred sheep of this breed in this country.

In Switzerland, a special event is being organized, the award of which is the prize “the cutest breed of sheep in the world”.

The Valais Blacknose sheep are the symbol of the Valais Canton region in Switzerland. And you already understand why!

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