Megan Fox And Her Fiance Starred In A Provocative Photo Shoot

 Megan Fox And Her Fiance Starred In A Provocative Photo Shoot

The most provocative couple in Hollywood showed how strong this romance is. Megan and Coulson did this with the help of a video where footage of their personal lives appeared.

The lovers presented a new collection of nail polish brand Baker in collaboration with Fox. The star of the film “Jennifer’s Body” appeared in the video completely naked. Megan had luxurious hair and bright makeup. The actress painted her eyes with black eyeliner and applied brown gloss to her plump lips.

Fox demonstrated one of the colors of the new line of nail polishes – emerald green. It looks like a stone on an actress’ engagement ring. “This color has a strong sexual energy that helps me feel in tune with my heart and true desires,” Meghan explained.
The video also featured Colson, who was also undressed. The rocker’s bride wrapped her arms around her lover’s neck to better show a beautiful manicure.

Meghan showed off another nail polish color – electric blue. The actress was photographed close-up with an ice cube in her mouth. The mother-of-three brought her hands up to her face so viewers could see the vibrant color of her manicure.
Fans of the couple were delighted with the candid shoot. “I adore you!”, “Everything you do is the best!”, “Meghan is not only incredibly beautiful but also insanely talented”, “She is so happy. How nice to look at her smile”, “Meghan is amazing”, and “You are the best couple in the world,” commented the fans.

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