Mom of four lost more than 50 kg! The woman has changed and is simply recognizable!

 Mom of four lost more than 50 kg! The woman has changed and is simply recognizable!

Chelsea Dixon from Australia at 32 years old weighed as much as 130 kilograms. Instead of making any attempts to lose weight, she chose not to stand on the scale and not to look in the mirror.

Chelsea admits she has always been overweight. At the age of 20, she already weighed 100 kilograms. The situation worsened after four pregnancies. She gained other 30 kilograms.

The first turning point was looking at the photograph: when she saw herself from theside, she realized how serious her problem was. After a while, she decided to stand on the scales, and then she firmly realized that something urgently needed to be changed. The woman began her weight loss by adding plant foods and lots of fruits to her diet.

Gradually, she eliminated fatty foods and even replaced her regular deep fryer with an air fryer, which uses significantly less oil to cook.

She also began to drink more water. In addition to changing nutrition, Chelsea began to play sports. She started walking for 10-15 minutes several times a week, but now a woman can easily run 10 kilometers!

The result is simply stunning: Chelsea Dixon managed to lose 61 kilograms, and now she wears clothes as much as 7 sizes smaller. The woman is extremely pleased with this result. By losing weight, she also lost self-doubt.

Her husband always supported her and it was so imporatat for her. He also trained with her so that she would not feel lonely. Now Chelsea truly loves her body and believes that she has become the best version of herself, she is full of strength and energy. And most importantly, she is healthy and happy.

To all those who find themselves in a similar position, she strongly recommends starting from small but very serious and important steps that gradually lead to big changes. The main thing: do not be afraid of failure and pull yourself together!



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