Mommy bear pauses traffic while helping her 4 cubs cross the road

 Mommy bear pauses traffic while helping her 4 cubs cross the road

It’s no secret, but there are often traffic jams on the roads. The reason for this traffic jam was a family of bears crossing the road. The cars stopped and the drivers patiently waited for the mother bear to carry her cubs across the road.

Robin Covelli of Torrington, Connecticut was one of the drivers stuck in this traffic jam. The man clearly saw everything that was happening and this scene was even filmed on camera. The video went viral on the web within a few days and received many lovely comments.

“This she-bear tried for 15 minutes to move her 4 cubs across the road, but each transferred cub crossed the road again. A mother of 4 cubs was hardly able to finish the work she had begun. I’m glad I had the honor of seeing this lovely scene”, the driver wrote on Facebook.

The mother bear took one of her adorable cubs to encourage the others to follow her. The second cub is following the mother, but the others are very active and stubborn. Poor mother bear!

One climbs a tree, and the other finally decides to overcome fear and cross the road. Naturally, the mother returns every time to drag the cubs left on the other side of the road and those cubs who have already crossed the road, to the delight of the drivers, follow her.

In the end, the bear manages to collect all her cubs in one place.

How difficult it is to be a mother! Moms should have unlimited patience.

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