Mother Nature’s Gift. What The Baby With The Longest Lashes Looks Like

 Mother Nature’s Gift. What The Baby With The Longest Lashes Looks Like

Surprisingly, the longest eyelashes in the world do not belong to a girl at all! It turns out that their owner is a Tajik boy named Muin Bachonaev. Just imagine, they are 6 centimeters long!

The boy even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the child with the longest eyelashes! And the most interesting thing is that they continue to grow, and, apparently, they are not going to stop.

By the way, as soon as the baby was born, his parents and all the doctors were surprised – the eyelashes prevented the child from even opening his eyes! Muin was even checked by doctors, but it turned out that this was not a pathology, but simply a gift from nature.

Already when the boy was 3 years old, eyelashes literally lay on his cheeks. The parents of this featured baby were not happy, they were rather worried that every year the eyelashes were getting longer and longer.

Long visits to hospitals did not give any results – Muin turned out to be a completely healthy boy. Scientists decided that such a hairline is just an expression of ethnic characteristics because he was born in a Tajik family.

But thanks to this feature, the child became a celebrity. Many people think that when Muin grows up, she will want to cut her eyelashes because this jewelry is not at all masculine. However, the hero himself declares that he is proud of them and is not going to get rid of them.

Moreover, such eyelashes do not interfere with the boy’s studies and even playing football! He is used to it and likes that everyone pays attention to him.

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