“My face is plastic!” ‘Miss World Priyanka’ Chopra opens up about failed plastic surgery

 “My face is plastic!” ‘Miss World Priyanka’ Chopra opens up about failed plastic surgery

Priyanka’s dad, Ashok Chopra, a doctor himself, had insisted on his daughter to undergo facial surgery more than two decades ago due to polyps in her nasal cavities. The actress of Indian heritage had no choice but to go through the procedure.I was absolutely terrified, but he said he’d stay with me through the whole thing. He held my hands and gave me reassurance during the surgery, which really helped me gain back my courage, as Chopra described.

Before the operation, the girl had already accomplished a lot in her career- from representing India at beauty pageants to getting into Bollywood. Unfortunately, an unsuccessful attempt to remove a harmless growth inside her nose put all that she had achieved in danger.I thought a polypectomy was a minor medical operation, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. In an unfortunate turn of events, the surgeon hit my nose bridge and it crumpled in. It changed my whole appearance from that day onwards – I felt like I had been reconstructed as someone else with an artificial face, and people started calling me ‘plastic Chopra”. I fell into a deep, deep depression, ”the actress recalled.

Unfortunately, she was taken off two projects due to her rising fame. This mishap had people worried that it would be the cause of her career’s downfall. Fortunately, she got support from Anila Sharma, an Indian director. Initially intended to play a principal role in the movies, she was instead demoted to a supporting one. Priyanka expressed her gratitude towards the director as he gave her a chance to prove herself by encouraging her to give her best even in a small role. She put in her best efforts and was able to deliver successfully.

Subsequent to that, the celebrity had to endure quite a few restorative operations. Her appearance has altered since she was crowned Miss World 2000 but somehow she managed to prevail over her tribulations. The immense amount of dialogues concerning her physique and colouring affected her profoundly in terms of self-worth and assurance.What makes me unique is my strength. If I tried to fit into the “classically beautiful” mold, I will be just like everyone else and lose my identity. As quoted by the Daily Mail, this is something that I never wanted to do.

After getting used to her face, Gingerbread moved to Hollywood and established a successful career. Whenever she looked in the mirror, she was no longer shocked. She is now content with her slight differences from others and accepts that she’s just like everyone else.

Looking in the mirror, the thought of losing weight crosses my mind. But I am comfortable with who I am and accept myself; flaws & all. My face, my body– this is me and that’s what matters. “The Citadel” star emphasizing this sentiment to demonstrate self-love.

Last night, Priyanka Chopra was accompanied by her husband Nick Jonas at the ‘Love Again’ movie premiere in New York. Her stunning look made jaws drop and brought lots of attention to the couple. The actress looked stunning in a light blue off-the-shoulder gown with a mermaid-inspired skirt. Chopra completed the glamorous outfit with hula hoop earrings and a diamond necklace.

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