“Not Obsessed With Fashion And Diets.” What The Daughters Of Sarah Jessica Parker Look Like

 “Not Obsessed With Fashion And Diets.” What The Daughters Of Sarah Jessica Parker Look Like

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is considered one of the most stylish actresses in Hollywood. You can’t confuse her with anyone. Sarah rarely goes out with children, and seeing her twin daughters is a great success. But on September 28, the actress came to the premiere of the sequel Hocus Pocus, in which she played the main role, along with her daughters. The public had a unique opportunity to see how the twins Marion and Tabitha have grown and changed.

The girls were born on June 22, 2009, they are already 13 years old. In the photo from the premiere of the sequel to the film Hocus Pocus, they look very mature and have become equal to their mother in height. But they are completely different. Marion has lighter hair and blue eyes like her mother. But her facial features are still more reminiscent of her father, actor Matthew Broderick. This is especially noticeable in some frames when they stand side by side and express the same facial expressions. Brown-eyed Tabitha is a copy of dad in his youth.

For the event, Sarah chose an Armani outfit in a trendy lavender shade. the costume consisted of pajama trousers and an oriental-style jacket with a floral print. Marion opted for an off-the-shoulder iridescent cocktail dress, while Tabitha dressed more modestly in a black dress with on-trend long sleeves that completely hide the arms and hands. Teenagers, in part, do not exhaust themselves with diets and are not obsessed with fashion.

Girls are often called twins, but outwardly they are very different, although in early childhood it was not so noticeable. Marion and Tabitha for Sarah Jessica Parker were born by a surrogate mother. The girls have an older brother – 20-year-old James, who looks more like a mother. The actress gave birth to him at the age of 37 at the peak of her career but completely immersed herself in motherhood. Raising a child was one of the reasons why Sex and the City ended. After the birth of her son, Parker could no longer devote all her attention to filming. But after some time, Sarah again wanted to become a mother. After unsuccessful attempts to give birth naturally, she decided to use modern technologies – IVF and surrogacy.

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