Officer managed to rescue the dog tied to pole! The animal was barely breathing…

 Officer managed to rescue the dog tied to pole! The animal was barely breathing…

The story we want to tell you about happened in Pompano, Florida. Officer Angela Laurella received an emergency call. A dog was found tied to poles on a dead end street.

Since the street on which the dog was found was a dead end and there were no cameras fixing what was happening, it is impossible to guess how long the dog stayed there.

The temperature outside rose to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the officer knew she needed to act. Officer Laurella found a weak gray dog ​​tied to a pole so tightly that the animal could not even move.

“The dog was extremely emaciated and dehydrated. He was so thin that his ribs were sticking out and you could easily count every bone,” Amy Roman, founder of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, told Dodo.

When the rescuers approached the dog, she cringed and obediently gave a paw. The eyes of the poor thing seemed to say: “Save me, please!”

You can watch the dog rescue in this video!

Officer Laurella was aware that the dog needed special medical attention and care, so she turned to the rescue of 100+ abandoned dogs from the Everglades, Florida. Despite the large number of dogs under their care, they accepted Liam!

After a long rehab and visits to the vet, Liam is slowly gaining strength and eating better.

“Only proper nutrition is not enough for recovery. The animal needs love and attention which Liam receives here. We have volunteers preparing tasty dog food, so right now he is enjoying life,” said Roman.

Now a large number of animals appear on the street. And shelters can’t feed so many homeless animals. People should be more responsible toward their pets. We all need to become at least a little kinder and more caring to our four-legged friends. They selflessly befriend us and become attached to us, and we leave them on the stree… This makes us think…


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