Once a man saved a little “duckling” which turned out to be a real swan!

 Once a man saved a little “duckling” which turned out to be a real swan!

One day, Rob Adamson found a small, injured duckling. He would have died if the man had not taken him with him. Although the baby was weak, but had a huge will to live. Due to strong will and good appetite the chances of survival increased.

After the veterinarian examined the duckling, the wing was adjusted and special food-diet was prescribed.

It turned out that this is a wild swan chick, but nevertheless he required a lot of love and care.

Robert took care of the baby. The man had to carry him everywhere with him so that he would not get bored and feeding was on schedule. 

Soon Sidney, as the adopted chick was called, got so used to his owner that he even slept beside him. Since then, Robert has not been separated from the bird, they have been always together: they traveled, went shopping, fished in the river.

Robert also had another pet, a Chihuahua dog. Soon Sidney was also able to find a common language with him too.


But you can’t go against nature. The man decided to take the bird to animal rights activists so that they could adapt it to its natural habitat. After all, the swan must find a mate and live with her for the rest of his life. But it was not so easy. Whatever the workers of the center did, Sidney flatly refused to live in the open air, and even fly somewhere.

The zookeepers had to return the bird back. And Robert was glad, he missed him a lot. During the absence of the swan, Robert got married. Now they all live together under the same roof: Rob and his wife, Sidney and the dog.

Such an unusual friendship story.

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