People once saved this elephant and years later she brought her cubs to meet them!

 People once saved this elephant and years later she brought her cubs to meet them!

Elephants have a phenomenal memory. This elephant, after many years, remembered how people helped her and recently came to them with her two elephants to show them these people.

18-year-old elephant, Yatta, that in 1999 at the age of only one month was found by people on the plains in Kenya. The baby elephant’s mother was killed by poachers, and he was still too small for an independent life. But Yatta was lucky that good people found her and brought her to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) shelter.

Yatta spent ten years in this shelter, and eight years ago, she, already an adult and independent elephant, was released back into the wild into a herd of wild elephants (the herd was chosed in advance). The elephants happily adopted Yatta and the staff at the shelter was very proud of the job they did.

Last December, Yatta came to the door of the shelter and she was not alone, she had a very small elephant with her, and nearby was a teenage elephant. They both were Yatta’s cubs.

People gave the baby the nickname Yoyo. In this video, Yoyo stands at his mother’s feet and waves his trunk. He had never seen people before. An older cub standing a little farther was female and was called Yetu.

“She looked like a real proud mother and trusted people so much that she brought her children to them, even the smallest and most defenseless. She remembered how people saved her and how well she was treated in this place,” one of the workers of the shelter said.

According to David Sheldrick, the case with Yatta is not really unique. There were cases when female elephants that grew up in the orphanage then returned and showed people their cubs. But still, every time it looks like a very touching moment.

“We are proud that we not only saved and raised an orphan elephant, but successfully returned her to the wild and she was able to create her own family,” the staff member added.

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