Photos of the most attractive fans at the World Cup in the history of soccer!

 Photos of the most attractive fans at the World Cup in the history of soccer!

Football is the most popular game in the world. And no one can deny that this sport has very beautiful and sultry fans!

This year, at the World Championships in Qatar, the most passionate fan was the former Miss Croatia, model Ivana Knoll. This burning brunette caused a real scandal. Qatari fans almost demanded to arrest the girl for her indecent outfit, according to the inhabitants of this country with strict traditions.

For the first match, in which the team of her country took part, Ivana came in a low-cut, bright and tight midi dress. On the second, I changed it to an even more provocative mini.

By the way, Knoll has always been a football fan. She visited the world championships in Russia and Brazil.

But the first girl who attracted everyone’s attention at the most prestigious event of the year with her outfit and dancing on the podium was the Mexican Mar Castro. She conquered everyone at the 1986 World Championships in Mexico.

Those 15 seconds of fame completely changed her life. After the championship, Mar moved to Los Angeles to study and pursue an acting career. She got small roles in several films, then became a producer, and in addition, she founded a musical group. In general, everything went well for Castro – thanks to that very match.

In 2010, at the World Cup in South Africa, Larisa Riquelme became the “football queen”. There is no need to explain here – the photos speak for themselves.

After these frames, Larisa became the highest paid model in Paraguay and got on the pages of Playboy. And the phone in the neckline has become the girl’s signature feature.

In Brazil in 2014, it was Amanda Bueno who attracted the attention at the stadium. No, she didn’t undress. Amanda managed to overcome the security fence in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators, take a selfie with the attacking Hulk and hand him a CD with her band’s songs.

In addition to vocals, the girl was engaged in dancing and strip dancing. So her figure was excellent.

Unfortunately, a couple of years after Amanda rose to fame, a terrible tragedy struck. The girl was killed by her boyfriend because of jealousy. It is known that the young man often quarreled with the dancer, and repeatedly beat her. Bueno was only 29 years old.

At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which took place in Russia, Russian fans became the stars. The first one is world famous. This is the “Russian Kim Kardashian” Anastasia Kvitko.

Although she already lived in Florida by that time, she publicly stated that she was going to become the muse of the upcoming World Cup in Russia.

Kvitko is very popular in the West. By the way, then Anastasia looked much better than now, and has not yet abused plastic and photoshop.

At the 2018 championship, Natalya Nemchinova received the status of one of the most desirable fans in the world thanks to just a few pictures that circled the entire planet.

After that, rumors appeared on the network that Natalya was a star of adult films. But she herself denied this in numerous interviews.


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