Rare golden-shelled tortoise was found in India

 Rare golden-shelled tortoise was found in India

This golden-shelled tortoise was recently discovered in India.

A real miracle! This turtle is all gold, yellow, the colors of banana and the sun. This yellow little turtle was discovered while fishing and the event became a real sensation.

This type of turtle is usually found in brown with yellow spots. And rarely they turn completely yellow. These turtles are often found in South Asia.

There is also a theory that the color of these turtles is related to their albinism. Many animals turn white due to albinism, and in the case of this tortoise, an exception apparently applies.

Due to their bright color, which does not blend with the surrounding nature, they do not live long in the wild. In addition, the camouflage cover is also not very hard. Thus, this golden-colored turtle continues to surprise wildlife experts.


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