Rescued Baby Elephant Adores Taking Baths

 Rescued Baby Elephant Adores Taking Baths

The moment when the cute little elephant called Chuba set foot in a tub that was filled with water, she knew it was definitely something she wanted to experience sometime again.

Chaba’s mother was forced to ride bikes, perform shows, and paint pictures in the circus. This unfortunate situation would have been Chaba’s future too if the rescuers hadn’t intervened.

“The second we learned about Chabe and her mom, we sent a team to the camp to help them,” says the director of the rescue team. “The sight we saw was completely heartbreaking. The mother was on a small chain, and they both were in a concrete pen. It was obvious that they needed urgent help.”

The rescuers negotiated their release in September.
“We think it would be a better idea if they walked to the sanctuary themselves,” says the rescuer.

After they were welcomed they bathed Chaba and got so surprised by how happy that small action made the baby.
“Chaba is definitely a water lover. She kept on splashing the water and running back and forth to Mom for reassurance.

Chaba and her mother are now having the best time living in freedom. There’s nothing that she loves quite as much as she loves water.

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