Retired K9 dog met her former cop partner! Such an emotional scene!

 Retired K9 dog met her former cop partner! Such an emotional scene!

K9 dogs are amazing creatures that provide an invaluable service to the police. These dogs are very loyal to their handler and policeman they work with.

So this video shows how emotional dogs can be. The animal appears to be crying after being reunited with the partner for the first time in years. The Sichuan Police Department posted this touching video on a Chinese social site. According to the Daily Star, 8-year-old German Shepherd Wangwang worked as a sniffer dog in the department until June 2019, but then retired.

Although the animal was well cared for, the dog still missed his former life and his human partner. And when the officer decided to visit Wangwang, she was indescribably happy.

The officer is stroking Wangwan, and she seems to be crying with joy.

Usually retired K9 dogs continue to live with their officers. But the Sichuan police believe that the policemen do not have time to keep pets and that they should be taken care by families.

Judging by the emotions of these two former partners, it is obvious that they are very close and attached to each other. We can say for sure this is not their last meeting! They will be able to meet at least from time to time and remember the years they worked together!

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