Seeing a photo of a lost friend causes a dog to react in the sweetest way

 Seeing a photo of a lost friend causes a dog to react in the sweetest way

We are forever connected with our loved ones. A good example is a dog named Lola.

Weeks ago Lola lost her sister Lacy.

The family managed to keep her memory alive.

Lacy was the only dog in the family for 10 years. That’s why when Lola arrived, she wasn’t happy about it. 

Lola adored her older sister, Lacy. Even when Lacy growled at her, Lola was patient. Lola was always obsessed with her elder sister Lacy. She would walk around her and lie where she lay.

Lacy became ill four years later. Lola was always there for her. She was deeply concerned and never left Lacey’s side. Lola was devastated when she realised that Lacey was gone.

When the owner moved Lacy’s things, Lola tried to get to them, and afterwards, she looked for her.

Trent, the owner got a memorial picture of Lacy and placed it on a shelf in the living room.

Lola was fascinated by it and was wagging her tail looking at it. She acted like she knew whose picture it was.

Later that day, Trent asked Lola if she missed Lacy, to which the dog tilted her head. When the woman asked where Lola was, she jumped from her place and pointed her nose straight at the photo of her sister.

Trent thinks that Lola understands that Lacy isn’t coming back. So, the picture is their Lacy now.

Lola is very attentive to her mother and gives her extra love. Trent was worried that Lacy’s death would be too much for Lola to handle and was very happy when the dog could see her in the picture.

Trent mentioned that people are so lucky to receive the unconditional love that our pets give us.


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