“Strange face and too revealing body!” Half-naked Jennifer Lopez stunned fans

 “Strange face and too revealing body!” Half-naked Jennifer Lopez stunned fans

The actress from “My Pirate Wedding” starred in an advertisement campaign for her new shoe collection with Revolve. Jennifer Lopez has been working on this for multiple years and collaborated with Kendall Jenner on this project.

During the shoot, the 53-year-old actress wore different eye-catching outfits. She started with a black sequined dress that revealed her stomach, combined with silver high-platform sandals.

Later, she wore a jumpsuit with fringe and added high-heeled boots with rhinestones. The most provocative outfit was a bodysuit with high cutouts that Jennifer wore with a transparent skirt and stiletto sandals, highlighting her toned legs. In all three outfits, the actress kept her hair loose, and her makeup emphasized her eyes.

Jennifer posted the pictures with a caption expressing her love for shoes and promoting her upcoming album “This Is Me Now” and artist Dennis Leupold. Although her fans gave her compliments, some criticized the excessive use of photoshop in the pictures. Despite this, Jennifer is not afraid to show herself naturally and posted a video of herself without makeup after a shower, wearing only towels and a “Ben” necklace.

She also shared that she uses her own skincare brand, JLO Glow, in her skincare routine, and sometimes skips it when she’s busy.

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