Stray mama dog chases after truck with her rescued babies whey they are taken away

 Stray mama dog chases after truck with her rescued babies whey they are taken away

Every mother always wants the best for her children and will do anything to always keep them safe.

This applies to all creatures and a good example of wanders of motherhood is this dog’s story.

Once a volunteer named Karlee was on a mission to find the puppies hiding under the woodpile. The pile was about to be demolished and transferred which made the problem more urgent.

The search area was large, and Karlee needed help from her fellow volunteers.

The rescuers placed food and water around the place so they can capture the dogs. The wait lasted several days. When they came out, they were stressed, but Karlee and others could successfully carry them to a safe place. The team still had got a lot of work ahead of them.

They needed to find the mother of the puppies because at that age they couldn’t survive alone.

Thanks to seven days of rescue the mother was found, but as was predicted she was also scared like her children. That’s why the team didn’t rush her adaptation process.

They were gentle with her. When she had denied every kind of food and water, the rescuers thought of the best plan in this situation. The only way to lure the mother was via her babies. The puppies were placed in the back of the truck and drove to Karlee’s house.

The mom run for 10 minutes, and the truck finally stopped. At first, she was afraid of going into the house, but when she found enough courage in her and entered house.

It was the happy end they had all been waiting for.

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