Such a funny story! An Octopus stole dog’s favorite tennis ball

 Such a funny story! An Octopus stole dog’s favorite tennis ball

Meet this cheerful dog named Lucy. She often walks along the beach with her family and plays with her favorite tennis ball.

But one day the game with her favorite tennis ball was interrupted.

Recently, Lucy was walking along the beach with her family as usual and playing with her ball when an octopus noticed them and something caught his attention. No one would have guessed what would happen next.

The octopus was looking at something, we could not understand what. The tide began to rise and the octopus swam in shallow water. Lucy was surprised by the eight-legged creature and accidentally dropped the ball into the water.

And suddenly the creature grabbed the ball and dragged it to the side. We froze in surprise and could not do anything – the ball was no longer ours. An octopus has stolen Lucy’s favorite toy.

It seemed that the sea creature liked the ball and did not even think about returning it.

The octopus held the ball in its tentacles for a couple of minutes and, appreciating the beauty of the new toy, decided to take Lucy’s ball home. The creature wrapped the tentacle tighter around the ball and disappeared.

We stood for about half an hour and hoped that the ball would pop up, but alas, it was gone!

Despite the fact that a toy was stolen from Lucy, she did not get upset and continued to play happily in the sand. Such a cute dog!

It is not known whether the octopus decided to play with the ball himself or wanted to study an unfamiliar subject.

As for Lucy, she was not upset at all and the next day she returned to the beach with a new ball.

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