“Such A Kind Soul.” 15 Years Ago Jolie Saved And Adopted A Girl From Ethiopia

 “Such A Kind Soul.” 15 Years Ago Jolie Saved And Adopted A Girl From Ethiopia

Angelina Jolie is considered one of the most attractive stars on our planet. It’s no secret that she’s incredibly kind. The actress constantly travels to poor countries and is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

In 2005, she and her husband went to Ethiopia. In the course of her charitable mission, Angelina visited several orphanages. Of course, there were many exhausted kids, but one girl stood out in particular.
She immediately captured the hearts of the actors. She did not scream, did not cry, but simply silently looked at them with her huge eyes. She seemed to have simply accepted her plight.

Angelina and Brad immediately began to draw up documents for the adoption of a child. She was then 6 months old. The adoptive parents named her Zahara. When they took her away, she was in a terrible condition – the lack of normal nutrition and numerous illnesses affected her.
Later it became known that the mother of the baby is a poor young girl. She simply had nothing to feed Zakhara, so she had to be sent to an orphanage.

The girl became the second adopted child in the family of actors. Her parents gave her the maximum of their time and took her with them to work and shops. It was obvious that Angelina had a strong love and affection for her. Zakhara quickly came to her senses and gained strength.

The public reacted ambiguously to the act of the stars. Some people thought that all these adoptions happen just to be “in trend”. At that time, it was fashionable among celebrities to take into the family of black children from poor countries. Everyone was waiting for Angelina to give birth to her child. And Shiloh was born, very similar to her parents.

This girl immediately became the object of attention of journalists, so they forgot about Zakhar. Nobody would have remembered her, but suddenly her biological mother showed up and demanded a meeting. The conflict was hushed up. Of course, no one wanted to let the poor Ethiopian girl near the star child.

Now Zahara is 15 years old, and she looks just incredible. Although she had been in the shadow of her brothers and sisters all her life, in fact, outwardly, she lost only a little to them. However, now the media is calling her the most beautiful baby Jolie. She turned into an attractive girl with an enigmatic smile.

In public, she always behaves with dignity and tries to be positive. After her parents’ divorce, she maintains contact with both. Zahara is smart beyond her years, and she is also probably grateful to Angelina and Brad that they once saved her from those terrible conditions.

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