Tara Reid Put On A Dress That Revealed All The Flaws

 Tara Reid Put On A Dress That Revealed All The Flaws

The star of “American Pie” after filming in this tape has become a real sex symbol. A blue-eyed smiling blonde with a beautiful figure – a sort of American “beauty girl next door” instantly gained popularity.
At the time of the release of the film, Tara was just over 20. And she was not at all ready for the fame that suddenly fell upon her.

Instead of maintaining and developing her individuality, Reed began to mold herself to Hollywood standards. Including externally. Wanting to be like the world’s most beautiful and sexiest stars, the young actress went to a plastic surgeon. This became a fatal mistake.
For the first time, Reed went under the knife of a plastic surgeon to correct a slight asymmetry of her breasts. However, the girl was dissatisfied with the result of the surgical manipulation. As a result, in order to correct the result of the operation, Tara did plastic surgery, again and again, eventually turning her breasts into a real nightmare. Bumps, stitches, and protruding implants – that’s what the star ended up with.

In addition, Reed began to exhaust herself with diets. And then she also did unsuccessful liposuction of the abdomen and thighs. The result was also deplorable – an eating disorder and an incredibly thin figure: skin and bones. To this day, Tara cannot correct the consequences of this.
As a result, the career of the actress did not work out. Alas, you can’t play in blockbusters with such a changed appearance of the main beauties.
We must pay tribute to the star – she did not lose heart. And, it seems, he is still proud of his body. At least judging by her outfits.

The paparazzi photographed the star when she went to a restaurant. A chic bustier dress looked very comical on her forms. It seemed that her bust sagged to the waist, as noted by the haters.

Perhaps she should have opted for more revealing clothing. But Tara isn’t shy about wearing revealing outfits despite the criticism. And, by the way, her lover approves of it.

No matter how much people gossip about Reed’s appearance, her personal life is in full swing. For several years now, the star has been dating handsome Nathan Monpetit-Khovar, co-founder of Los Angeles-based production company Phantom and vice president of a technology firm. He is 7+ years younger than Tara. And he just seems to love her.

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