The Bear Brought Her Cub To The Girl In Hopes She Would Help Her

 The Bear Brought Her Cub To The Girl In Hopes She Would Help Her

It was a warm and fresh summer outside.

I woke up from the sound of the birds singing.

I dressed up and went to the lake which looked breathtaking in the morning. It’s always calm there in the morning, with a little fog towering over it. It was still so early that you could see some drops of dew on the grass. There’s only one way you can go to get to the pond. You have to pass a small forest to get to it.

While walking I saw a female bear cub and sat next to a tree quietly in order not to scare them. I sat there hoping they would leave as soon as possible.

Here people are not afraid of bears, we see them very often. Nevertheless, they were still wild animals and I knew I had to be careful. In all the rush I wasn’t able to hide properly so she saw me and started walking towards me with her cub.

I instantly noticed that the cub’s paw was wounded. I tried to look closer and saw a big splinter. That’s when I understood that they couldn’t take it out by themselves that’s why they came towards me in hopes I could help.

Taking his paw into my hands I took the splinter out with just one move. I tried to be as careful as I could but the baby still howled which made his mother come close to us. Luckily, it ended well for both of us. I helped the baby and the mother didn’t hurt me.

I think for a lot of people this might be crazy or an act of bravery, but it’s just a normal situation in our village. We aren’t afraid of bears and they never touch us either.

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