The cat Merlin is blind, but that doesn’t stop him from being cool

 The cat Merlin is blind, but that doesn’t stop him from being cool

A huge number of animals live in shelters, among which there are truly unusual characters. A cat named Merlin is one of those. Because his unusual eyes he immediately attracts attention. Merlin is blind, but this did not stop the owners from taking him from the shelter and falling in love with this cat. The pet pleases his family with exemplary character, friendliness and incredible charm!

Merlin’s owners, Nathaniel and Elliot, wanted to adopt a kitten from a shelter, and they had already chosen a Siamese baby, but they did not manage to pick him up. The shelter worker showed them a blind kitten that was in another department. He was recovering from a cold. The worker offered to take him.

At first, the owners doubted whether to take him or not, whether they would be able to give the baby due attention.

Finally the owners chose him and never regretted!

Merlin is a kind-hearted cat that likes to be petted. He is not big, he is smaller than a bottle.

Marilyn inherited his unusual appearance from his parents – a Munchkin and a Persian cat.

And his eyes are so unusual because of his blindness.

Merlin was born blind and blindness does not disturb him in any way.

As Merlin’s owners told Bored Panda, the cat quickly adapts to new places and has no fear of bumping into something.

Merlin is a very sociable cat and loves to be around people, especially sitting on their laps.

Merlin makes friends not only with people, but also with other animals.

He behaves like a real gentleman – he doesn’t yell, doesn’t scratch things, and 99% of the time he just rolls around.

It seems like Merlin is a vegetarian. His favorite food is watermelons and he doesn’t eat fish or chicken.

The cat happily walks on the street.

Merlin’s owners thank the shelter and its workers for such a cutie.

Of course, we are sorry for the cat, he will never see the world, but this is his peculiarity.



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