The cat that was constantly ignored at the shelter because of her grumpy face is finally adopted and loved…

 The cat that was constantly ignored at the shelter because of her grumpy face is finally adopted and loved…

Franziska Franken has been thinking about adopting a cat for a long time. One evening, she opened the website of a local animal shelter and started looking at pictures of animals. There she stumbles upon one unusual cat. Something about that cat made Franken stop scrolling.

“I noticed something unusual in the sad eyes of this cat. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. And I realized that I had to meet her,” Franken told The Dodo.

The woman wrote to the shelter to clarify whether the car was still in the shelter or someone had already adopted her. With such impatience, Franken waited for a response from the orphanage. In the morning they called her back and a woman uncertainly asked if she was mistaken with a cat and wanted to adopt Bean.

“The woman who called me back thought I messed up and didn’t press the right button. She couldn’t believe that I wanted to adopt Bean. Apparently no one was interested in her before me, ”said Franken.

Before Bean was brought to the shelter, she lived in a trailer park and suffered from an eye infection.

“An employee of the shelter took me to the room where I saw this miracle. Bean was so small, with short legs, a small tail and a flat face. I shed tears at the sight of her sweet and sad face. She was completely different, not the way I imagined her – she was much better and prettier, ”said Franken.

No one had ever considered adopting Bean before, as they thought she was ugly. But for Franken, she turned out to be a perfect pet.

“When I brought her home, she clung to me and was afraid to go down, but then realizing that she was here forever calmed down and began to explore her new home. Bean sometimes may be cheeky, but I’m glad she’s showing her real self,” Franken said.

Franken saw herself in Bean – sad and unhappy, but she managed to overcome life’s difficulties and now she wants to help Bean do the same. Bean liked to sleep in the same bed with Franken. And she just adored olives.

“The first time she noticed an olive in my hand, she jumped up and stole it from my hand, ran and hid under the sofa to eat it. I laughed at her for a long time,” Franken said.

The point is that almost all cats love olives, as green olives and allspice contain isoprenoids. These are chemicals that have a composition similar to catnip.

But olives are harmless to cats, so Franken sometimes treats her girl with olives.

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