The cat visits the grave of her late owner every day for a year!

 The cat visits the grave of her late owner every day for a year!

Animals have always been famous for their loyalty and devotion, especially dogs. There are a lot of stories about dogs being loyal to their owners. And what about cats? While they are considered selfish and wild creatures, they prove to us that they also can be loyal pets.

The story that we will tell you today shows the loyalty of the cat that was faithful to her owner both during her lifetime and after her death! Keli Keningau Prayitno from Central Java, Indonesia noticed how one cat came back at the same time every day and lay down there on the ground.

He soon learned a heartbreaking secret. It turned out that the cat visited the grave of her late owner every day. An elderly woman has died, and her cat still visits her.

“The cat has been visiting her owner’s grave every single day for a year now. She only leaves to eat somewhere and returns to the grave again,”Keli told The Mirror.

The children of the old woman take care of the cat and wait at home, but the animal remains faithful to her owner and does not stop visiting her.

The cat sleeps on the grave and meows as if she wants to talk to her mistress. She probably misses her a lot…

It is so sad to see how the animal yearns for her mistress…

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