The Couple That Amazes The Entire Hollywood

 The Couple That Amazes The Entire Hollywood

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have been happily married for over 10 years. By Hollywood standards, this is not enough. And for sure, many, looking at this couple in love, will surely begin to believe in fate and that marriages are held in heaven!
Their love could have started as early as 1992 (which is 29 years ago!) on the set of Bigas Luna’s film , where 18-year-old Penelope and 24-year-old Javier had to play together several explicit scenes, but …
1. But then their paths diverged for as much as 15 years!

2. And the couple did not succeed in love at first sight …

3. An affair with Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey and an affair with Matt Damon – Penelope did not waste time …

4. Yes, Javier Bardem managed to survive a long relationship with the translator, and an affair with a married actress Maria Belen Rueda Garcia-Porrero, his senior for 4 years!

5. The second time the couple worked together was in Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona in 2008…

6. And this meeting turned out to be fateful!

7. Rumor has it that the actress could not get used to the role, and Javier volunteered to be her mentor!

8. Colleagues rehearsed a lot together, and close cooperation turned into a passionate romance!

9. And, even though the press already “walked” with might and main photos in which celebrities were captured kissing, Penelope Cruz answered the journalists for a long time and stubbornly that she and Javier were just friends!

10. And suddenly, at the closing of the Cannes Film Festival in 2010, Javier, accepting the award, unexpectedly uttered touching words from the stage addressed to Penelope.

11. In the same year, secretly from everyone, the lovers legalized their relationship.

12. By the way, John Galliano himself sewed the wedding dress for the bride!

13. Today, the star family has doubled – the couple is raising their son Leonardo and daughter Luna. And practically does not give informational reasons about himself, but …

14. Each appearance of Penelope and Javier in public is good luck for photographers because such real and sincere feelings are very rare in our time!

15. Bardem admitted that he had been eyeing Cruz for a long time. And he was frightened by her hot temperament and short temper.

16. But such an actress was with other men. With Javier, she finally found happiness and love, and became calm and peaceful!

17. “I used to act like a hysteric. I liked to command men and act up. Now everything has changed. How damn nice to listen to her husband and say: “You’re right, dear!”, The actress admits.

18. These two definitely deserve each other. By the way, did you know that Penelope and Javier attached light bulbs to their Oscars and turned them into lamps?

19. Rumor has it that the popularity of this star couple in Spain is many times greater than that of the royal family!

20. And no wonder, because each photo of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem can be signed with the same name – “This is love”!

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