The dog rescued a little kitten. What happened next shocked everyone!

 The dog rescued a little kitten. What happened next shocked everyone!

A Shih Tzu dog Goldie rescued a tiny kitten and became a foster mother for him. An animal control organization in Anderson, South Carolina, thought the dog was barking because she was stuck in a ravine. But it turned out that the dog protected a tiny kitten there.

The employee of the organization, Michelle Smith received a report of a barking dog that got entangled in a thorny bush.

She went down the steep embankment to find the Shih Tzu entangled in the branches of the thorn bush.

But looking more closely, she realized that Goldie the Shih Tzu had a friend: a tiny kitten. She was simply shocked by what she saw. The dog fed the kitten with her milk.

“I was speechless and I didn’t know what to think,” says Michelle Smith. “I was shocked and surprised, and then, of course, fascinated. Frankly speaking no one expected to see such a scene there.

The woman thought the dog would be happy to get out, but she didn’t want to leave the kitten. The dog refused to go without a kitten.

The dog and kitten were taken to Anderson County L.A.P.S. (Anderson County P.A.W.S.), where they remained inseparable. The dog continued to care for the kitten.

In the end, this touching couple was taken to a foster family, where they continued to live happily together.

This story was even shown on the news. People were so surprised to hear that a dog fed a kitten! Cats and dogs usually don’t get along very well. But when it comes to the maternal instinct and the need for a mother, enmity remains in the background.

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