The dog reunites with his owner who came back for his pet!

 The dog reunites with his owner who came back for his pet!

Lewis Jimenez adopted pit bull Titus from a shelter. The man fell in love with the dog at first sight when he once saw him walking near the shelter in Austin, Texas. Despite the fact that before Lewis had no intention of having a pet, now after meeting Titus, he is not the one to leave him.

“My head was spinning when I saw him in the yard of the shelter. I said to myself, “dude this is your dog!”, Lewis later admitted. The man adopted the dog and they became inseparable friends.

Then Titus was 2 years old and already 5 years have passed. The dog became a part of Lewis’s life, he could not imagine himself without his four-legged friend.

But recently something happened that made them part! Lewis was renting a flat and was told to get rid of the dog. He had to return the dog to the shelter for a while.

The man had nowhere to leave Titus, neither neighbors nor acquaintances who could shelter the dog were found. Lewis brought the dog to the shelter promising that he would soon take him back, but the shelter staff often heard this expression from the lips of people who never returned for their pets and therefore did not trust his promise.

Jenna, an employee of the shelter stated: “We often hear people promise to come back for their pets, but they never come back. Dogs at the same time experience a lot of stress and sometimes even refuse to eat.

While being in the orphanage, Titus faded. It was noticeable that he was unhappy. Lewis visited him whenever he could, but these meetings were difficult for both of them. He was looking for a new home so he could take his pet.

And fortunately that day has come. Lewis came back for Titus and took him home. The reunion of these two was extremely heart-touching.


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