The Fireman Who Helped In The Birth Of A Newborn Adopted The Child

 The Fireman Who Helped In The Birth Of A Newborn Adopted The Child

There are emergency calls that end up reorienting the lives of the firefighters who respond to them. But the scenario that firefighter Mark Hadden had to face was significantly different from the usual.

This time, when Hadden saved another person’s life, he also changed the course of his own life. In 2011, Hadden was sent to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in response to a call about a woman who was suffering from excruciating stomach discomfort.

It turned out that the woman was about to give birth, and it was Hadden who was to become the parent of the child. “I will never forget this day,” Hadden says, “it was a day when a lot of things fell into place.”
Unfortunately, the woman in labor had been in labor for too long, and there was not enough time to take her to the hospital. The firefighters understood that the situation was quite serious.

They gave her oxygen, hooked her up to an IV machine, and then placed her in an ambulance.
However, no sooner had the ambulance pulled away than Hadden’s partner screamed that the baby was being born, so they were forced to deliver while still in the ambulance.

The newborn needed immediate medical attention, so the fireman took the baby to one of the hospitals in the area.
Two days later, Hadden called the hospital to inquire about the child’s condition. Hadden was under the impression that the woman who gave birth to the child lived on the street, so he was not surprised when the hospital confirmed his suspicions.

The decision to give a child up for adoption is not a choice that parents make lightly, but in this case, it seems to have been the most favorable choice for a little girl.

It so happened that Hadden and his wife were going through the process of trying to start a family at the same time, so the fact that they got the chance to adopt a child was like a sign from the universe.

Two days after Hadden learned about the possibility of adoption, he made the decision to adopt the baby and returned home shortly thereafter. The girl turned out to be the answer to the prayers that the firefighter said.

Now the Hadden family is home to four people. They all have a great love for their sister, and their sister has the same feelings for her adopted siblings. Little Gracie is aware of both her birth and that she was adopted, and tells everyone she meets that her adoptive father gave birth to her in an ambulance.

Stories like this show us that even one day can completely change a person’s life, and most importantly, they serve as a constant reminder that there are people who do good deeds in everyday life.

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