The Gallery of adorable sleeping animals! Look at them!

 The Gallery of adorable sleeping animals! Look at them!

We present to your attention a series of photographs of animals captured at the time of a strong sweet daytime sleep!

Just look how these lions sleep in each other’s arms!

The lion hugs the lioness with his paw, as if protecting her daytime sleep. Even sleeping, the lion does not leave his position and will not let anyone offend his lioness. Lions love to sleep. They lie down on the warm earth straightening the whole body and fall into a dream. But they sleep mostly during the day, and go hunting at night.

For example, bears, like us humans, sleep 8 hours a day. But their day is not divided into day and night, they sleep when they want.

This polar bear was very sleepy and fell asleep in such a funny position.

Surprisingly, lions often sleep on trees and spend 20 hours a day in this state.

Dogs don’t mind sleeping either. Puppies sleep almost all day. Wandering the streets is a too tiring work!

Living in water, seals breathe oxygen. Their whole body is submerged in water, but the head remains outside. And they sleep in such a position as a “bottle”.

And they sleep with only one half of the brain, the other remains in an active state to protect themselves from danger.

And sea otters put their hands on their chests during sleep in order to maintain balance.

This owl has found the perfect place for sleep!

The leopard could not resist and fell asleep right on the branch. A brave squirrel came out to control the situation.

Gorillas sleep about 12 hours a day. They like to enjoy sleeping on the grass in a cool place.

This sweet couple embraced and fell asleep on a tree.

The scene you do not often see! A beagle and two cats are sleeping together!

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