The girl saved a dog, but later it turned out that it was not a dog

 The girl saved a dog, but later it turned out that it was not a dog

Unfortunately, even in the city, sometimes pets need help, and many are abandoned by negligent owners. One of these pets was found by a girl near her house. The girl cautiously approached the dog and gave her a drink. Then she took the beast and examined him at home.
The dog was exhausted and with sore skin. The animal was scared, behaved strangely, and reacted to sudden movements. But he did not run away, because of his lack of strength. Perhaps he was asking for human help.

When the animal felt a little better, the girl took the dog to the veterinary clinic, where he had to be given more serious help and checked for diseases.

Only immediately it turned out that the dog was not a dog at all, but a wild … hmm, try to guess for yourself what kind of animal the girl met.

When they found out whom the girl had dragged, everyone was very surprised, moved him into a separate cage, and began the examination. The animal suffered from dehydration and scabies of the skin.

The “dog” was washed, got rid of dirt and scabs, fed, got rid of parasites, and was given vitamins. After a while, the animal returned to normal, its fur grew back, its eyes sparkled, it even began to play in the cage.

Guess what kind of animal the girl saved? Write in the comments!

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