The Girl That Cannot Smile Got A Modeling Contract

 The Girl That Cannot Smile Got A Modeling Contract

Tayla Clement, also known as “the girl who can’t smile,” spoke about how she fights against haters and, despite her peculiarity, signed her first contract with a modeling agency.
A 24-year-old girl from New Zealand has a rare congenital anomaly – Möbius syndrome. Because of it, she cannot move her eyes from side to side, raise her eyebrows, or even smile because of the underdevelopment of her facial nerves.
Tayla was diagnosed at just eight months old, and all the while, Clement is bullied for looking “different”. The negativity expressed by society influenced the model so much that in her youth she had her first thoughts of suicide.
“I was bullied all my childhood and school years because of my syndrome, calling me “toad” and other unpleasant words. I was told that I could not or should not be confident in myself, ”Tayla admitted.

But at some point, Tayla was able to see the beauty in her appearance and accepted it. The model realized that she only has her, so the girl needs to be strong and learn to defend herself.

‘’No one else can be me and I can’t be anyone else and there is so much beauty in that,” said the model.
While Tayla is often told that she can’t smile as most do, she finds her way of expressing happiness on her face unique.

Negative comments are still raining down on the girl, but they only make her laugh. Taila responds to envious people not with loud words, but with funny dances or cute videos.
Clement is now working with a rather famous modeling agency.

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