The kitten chose her own owner and found a home for herself!

 The kitten chose her own owner and found a home for herself!

This kitten was born on the street. From the first days of his life, a harsh fate awaited this little creature. So the little kitten, Margo decided to find a home on her own.

Having no home and foot, the kitten wandered the streets in search of something edible.

He realized that it was no longer possible to live like this, he had to act. Just having thought this, the cat saw a man and came up to him. She looked into his eyes as if asking for help.

The skateboarder could not refuse such a beauty. The guy got the box out of his car and took the cat. First of all, the baby was taken to the clinic; the veterinarian examined the kitten, treated the baby for parasites and prescribed special nutrition for the malnourished baby.

Margo was also diagnosed with inflammation in the upper respiratory tract and an eye infection. The baby knew all the difficulties of life on the street.

These little eyes looked with trust and hope; the guy could not leave her in a shelter. The baby with her delicate behavior simply won his heart.

For several weeks he diligently treated the baby, gave medicine, fed well, played with her and petted her. After a while, the baby stopped coughing, her eyes became clear and she got stronger. The fluffy beauty blossomed in love and care.

Now the beauty has become a favorite of the whole family. Everyone wants to cuddle and hug her!

But Margo loves her savior the most. She faithfully waits for him at home and sleeps in his bed.

Now Margo is happy and loved!

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