The last dog that was left in the shelter finally found his loving family!

 The last dog that was left in the shelter finally found his loving family!

Animals in shelters can wait for their owners for several years. Imagine what feel those who stay in the shelter after each adoption.
This dog was in a more difficult position. He was the last dog left in the orphanage. A dog named Capone spent years at the Ionia County Shelter in Michigan and hopefully waited for a miracle!

The point is that his dog was once adopted, but he was returned to the shelter a year later. The dog was unhappy and heartbroken.
“He refused to eat and slept all day long. And he lost weight. We had to persuade him and treat him with delicacies every day,” said Carly Quinn, the director of the shelter told The Dodo.

He lost his “luck”. Everyone who came to the shelter for a pet did not pay attention to him and those who were interested in him did not adopt him.

“All the kennels were empty, only the quiet and kind Capone was waiting for his turn,” Carly recalled.

When the dog was 7 years old, the shelter decided to make their best to find a family for him. The story of his life was published on Facebook hoping that someone will respond to this post.
Husband and wife Ashley and John Long read his story and they were very touched by it. They came to the shelter to meet him.

“We loved him very much. He immediately came up to us and we hugged him,” said Ashley. A miracle happened! They took Capone! The dog was very happy. He ran from side to side and wagged his tail merrily.

The shelter workers were also happy for him. They said goodbye to him with tears in their eyes!


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