“The Lion King” remake is going to be released. Do you want to know when?

 “The Lion King” remake is going to be released. Do you want to know when?

Who doesn’t know the cartoon “The Lion King”? It will be almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard about this lion-family cartoon. But who knows that a remake of “The Lion King” is going to be released on the 19th of July? For those who did not know it is a pleasant surprise. The first series was quite successful and the remark is supposed to be so too. Many of you may ask: “What about a real live Mufasa and Simba moment? The answer is that the photographer was able to capture a flawless shop in wildlife. So it fully reproduces the popular Disney animation moment.

While making the film the photographers managed to capture the memorable moment.

On the photos you can see a noble lion observing its territory. And one of the frisky cubs is climbing his father’s back asking for a hug.

That lovely moment was captured when the photographer was taking photos for a journal. Just look what a tender moment she was able to capture! We see that animals, like people, have tender feelings for their loved ones.

“The father lion sits as if he had not noticed the cubs. Look how great the lion is, but how gently he is playing with the cubs. Here we notice the combination of a grace, power and tenderness”, the photographer shared with the LADBible.

What concerns “The Lion King” remake, it will be released in less than two weeks. Looking forward to it!

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