“The Main Character of The Series “Helen and The Guys” is 56 Years Old” – What Does She Look Like Now?

 “The Main Character of The Series “Helen and The Guys” is 56 Years Old” – What Does She Look Like Now?

Helene Rollet is a French actress and singer who became famous back in the 90s. She starred in youth serials that were loved by the audience.

We learned about this actress after the release of the TV series “Helen and the guys”.

Helen’s mother worked in a concert hall, so the girl was among the artists literally from birth. She herself began to sing, and during breaks she served tea and coffee to the artists.

One day, the girl’s grandmother saw an announcement that a blue-eyed girl was required for a role in the film “The Black Sheep”. Although Helen did not have blue eyes, her grandmother still sent her photo to the producers. And the producers chose her from the three thousand applicants. The girl at that time was 12 years old.

Rolle’s vocal career began in 1987 after meeting Jean-Luc Azulai, a well-known music producer, he immediately saw talent in the girl. And three years later, she already recorded her first solo disc “Ce train qui s’en va”. It became very popular.

She became popular in the cinema after she starred in the series “First Kiss”. Later the series “Helen and the guys” was filmed. Aften these roles her popularity doubled.

In total, the actress starred in only 7 films. The first place in her life is always occupied by music.

Helen never got married, perhaps due to her strong career employment. It is known that she adopted two children: a brother and sister originally from Ethiopia.

Helen is now 56 years old. She is often invited to various talk shows and music programs on French TV.

The French television shows the series “Secrets of Love”, and the 23rd season is already at the box office.



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