The most devoted friend: the dog swam for 11 hours to save his owner!

 The most devoted friend: the dog swam for 11 hours to save his owner!

The story is another proof that dogs are the most faithful and devoted friends. We like this touching story and want to share it with you.

Once a fisherman in Moreton Bay saw a sheepdog in a see, he pulled the dog out of the water and immediately turned to the coast guard.

It was in Australia, the fisherman noticed a shepherd dog, which was trying to swim to the shore. There was a floating box of fishing tackle near the dog. He helped the dog out and then suddenly saw a wetsuit in the distance. The fisherman immediately called the Coast Guard.

It was clear that something had happened: the boat had capsized somewhere. A team of rescuers gathered and went to the sea.

The dog was left on the shore, but he whined all the time and wanted to rush into the water after the rescuers. He couldn’t sit still and wait, knowing that his owner was in trouble.

The search operation lasted several hours and fortunately everything ended well – the man was found. He held on to the overturned boat, which was already slowly sinking to the bottom.

The man said that he lost control of the boat and it turned over. Because of the sudden movement the man and the dog were thrown in different directions and they could not see each other. He didn’t know that dog swam to the shore. He worried for his pet, thinking that something happened to him.

. Everyone was surprised how the dog was able to swim for so long in search of help for his owner. It is worth noting that this is not the first known case when dogs save their owners and this shepherd has joined the ranks of tailed heroes.

As it turned out later, according to the reports of rescuers, the dog swam for 11 hours to help his friend.

Dogs are very loyal creatures. They will never let down the one who once caressed and fed them. Their memory is good and they pay good for good.


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