The only gears in the world. Look what they look like now, 35 years later!

 The only gears in the world. Look what they look like now, 35 years later!

Janet and Graham Ulton are an amazing couple who became famous all over the world thanks to their children. The fact is that they had gears!

The spouses did not succeed immediately. For a long time, Janet could not get pregnant. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at natural insemination, the couple decided to try the IVF method.

But even here, the young family was disappointed – there were as many as 12 unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child with the help of modern medical technologies! However, the Waltons were not going to give up at all. They hoped that a miracle would happen. And it happened…

For the 13th time, the doctors told Janet the long-awaited news – she was pregnant! The couple were overjoyed. But then another surprise awaited them. When the future mother came to the first ultrasound, the doctors stunned her, saying that the woman was expecting not one child, but six!

It was a unique case, so throughout the pregnancy, Janet was under the supervision of doctors.

And so, in 1983, at the 31st week of pregnancy, it was decided to do a caesarean section. At that moment, 6 girls were born, with a difference of several minutes! After two months in the hospital, the Waltnovs were released home and they became a full-fledged large family.

Raising kids was very difficult. The first years were practically sleepless for both parents. And besides, extremely expensive! “Diapers alone cost about $11,000 a year,” says Janet.

This is what the happy Walt family looks like today. The gears are already 35 years old. Each of them has succeeded in life. The family still maintains a very warm relationship. Recently, the girls went on vacation with their parents and celebrated their birthday together.


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