The owner adopted a dog from the shelter and tried to fulfil the pet’s dream!

 The owner adopted a dog from the shelter and tried to fulfil the pet’s dream!

An American woman named Katarra Taylor adopted a dog named Bentley. She was sure that her new pet deserved the best and decided to move to a bigger house so that he would have more space.

Bentley liked to walk in the fresh air and his new owner specially picked up a house with a small courtyard. But the courtyard was not the most comfortable. And the woman figured out how to make it the perfect place for the Bentley.

Katarra Teyler became the owner of a dog named Bentley after he was abandoned by 4 families. Health and mental problems frightened others, but not Katarra – the woman decided to help the dog, who had so much suffered in life.

When Katarra adobted Bentley, she lived in a small apartment. It was not cozy for a big dog that weighed 54 kilograms.

So Katarra and Bentley moved into a townhouse with a small backyard where the dog could freely run around.

Only this place was not very cozy for the dog – there was only a concrete floor.

During each walk in the nearby parks, Bentley happily rolled in the grass, and the woman really wanted the pet to have his own green place in the yard.

Thus, she started the work of making the yard a little cozier for Bentley. At first, the task seemed impossible, but her boyfriend decided to help Katarra create a small green island for her dog.

Some dirty work, and then landscaping – and a corner for Bentley is ready!

The dog highly appreciated the result. Bentley immediately fell in love with his mini patio. The dog immediately lay down on the grass and lay there for several hours.

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