The owners take turns sleeping with the dog so that he doesn’t feel lonely!

 The owners take turns sleeping with the dog so that he doesn’t feel lonely!

What do you know about real human care for their pet? Of course, we are all responsible for those we have tamed, but not everyone puts it into practice.

Today we will tell you the touching story of the dog, Spike, who has already become very old, but has not become a burden for his owners at all.

Spike was a very cheerful and agile Springer Spaniel before.

But that was 14 years ago, and by dog standards it is quite a long time period.

Now Spike’s favorite pastime is to relax and sleep. However, he had a problem with the place of sleep.

He sleeps only in the bed of the owners’; it doesn’t matter under his feet, on the edge of the bed, as long as he is next to his family.

But unfortunately, he recently suffered a second insult, and together with senile diseases, this greatly affected his activity.

The owner’s bedroom is located on the second floor of the house and to get there you need to climb the stairs. For Spike, this is a big risk, so the owners put up a barrier-gate for him and equipped a sleeping place on the ground floor – an old sofa.

But the dog cannot sleep alone, so one of the owners lies next to him.

All family members take turns sleeping with Spike on the first floor.

And so that he does not overexert himself and does not run, they bring him food in bed.

Once this family took Spike from the shelter as an adult dog, who suffered a lot in a past life. They sincerely love him and want to provide maximum comfort, and even if they need to sleep on a hard sofa a couple of days in a week – no problem!

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