The photo collection of 24 photos which show how fast time flies!

 The photo collection of 24 photos which show how fast time flies!

Every day we take dozens or even hundreds of photos, not really appreciating it. But photographs not only save the moment, but also make it possible to realize how quickly time flies. If you take a new photo as close as possible to the old photo, you can see what changes have occurred.

This collection contains 24 photos that show how quickly time flies. Enjoy!

“They’ve been taking photos in the same pose since 2012”

“One of the anniversaries and the wedding photo of the parents”

“The difference is 4,3 feet”

“Photo of the man with a red suitcase in 1988. 30 years have passed – the suitcase is the same, but the man has changed a little.

How quickly she grew up!

Two years later…

“The same place many years later”

“They got married in 2013. Now every year they take a new photo with the previous one.”

“The sixth week – sixth month”

Photos with a time difference of 13 years!

“Photos of the couple who have been married for 48 years”

The difference is obvious!

“Four months later, the shelf became very small”

“The first date! In the second photo they are seventeen years later”

The man recreated his youthful photo.

“17 years later”

“A cute kitten became a serious gentleman”

“The man recreated the photo in front of the house where he spent his childhood”

“Sunday School. The high school students are the prince and the princess. Now they are married and soon will have their first child.”

“Two brothers found their old car and recreated the childhood photo”

“A photo of my great-grandmother, and mine, but after 89 years”

Years go by, but nothing changes. Or almost nothing…

If you have such interesting photos, feel free to share them in the comments!

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