The shelter dog spotted the girl having an anxiety attack and rushed to helo her

 The shelter dog spotted the girl having an anxiety attack and rushed to helo her

Was it a coincidence when Picaso rushed to help a girl having an anxiety attack?

Last year a man noticed a Plott hound dog wandering around in the streets and took him to Kanawha-Charlston Humane Association. There they named him Picasso after the artist, but because of a typing mistake, he became Picaso. He didn’t have a collar, a microchip, or anything that could help identify him.

Because of his kindness and manners, he got himself a spot in the local holiday parade with other dogs who needed families.

The volunteer, Kim Vigneau who walked him in the parade said that the dog was sweet and hugged her the moment he saw her. She was ready to do her best to find Picaso a loving home.

Suddenly during the event, he run away. The girl, 16-year-old Abby Ellis was having an anxiety attack at that moment. She suffers from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome which changes her blood flow and can cause her to faint. Because of it, she becomes nervous. Her mother was trying to help her when Picasso ran to help.

Abby was falling toward when Picasso got his body underneath her. She would fall and hurt her face if Picaso didn’t rush over.

She said that the moment she felt his nose against her she felt safe and started to pet him.

She rushed home after that but managed to get the dog’s name. When the day after she went to the shelter, the dog rushed over to her. He ran to her and hugged her.

Abby wanted a dog for a year and the family wasn’t sure if she was ready for such a responsibility. They considered what happened a sign from God and of course adopted the dog. It was his 20th day in the shelter.

Vigneau said that Picaso chose his family. She added that she also has anxiety and knows how hard it can be.

Meeting him wasn’t a coincidence. Despite the that she hates being in crowds she insisted on going to the parade.

Their bond is so special because he both adores her and knows when she feels bad.

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